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Annual Returns - Immediate Service in Calgary, Alberta

file-an-alberta-annual-returnAnnual Returns – In Person, Online or by Phone for $71. No waiting.

In order to keep your corporation active, you must complete an annual return each year, file your return by the last day of the month following the anniversary of the registration month.

For example: If your corporation was registered in September, you should file your return by October 31. You should receive an Annual Return form in the mail from Alberta’s Corporate Registries. If you don’t receive your annual return form in the mail, be sure to come visit us right away. It could be that your address is not up to date – we can update this at the same time that we do your annual return.

When filing your annual return, you just need:

  1. One piece of identification.
  2. An Annual Return Form. If you have received your form in the mail from Corporate Registries, please bring the form. If not, please print off this form (or we can provide one at the counter).

At Registries Plus, we try to make it as convenient as possible to keep your incorporation active.

  1. In person – go straight to the Priority Desk located to the far left when you walk through the door.
  2. Email corporate@registriesplus.ca the above forms and a copy of your ID. We will email you back an eInvoice or we can take your credit card payment over the phone. Once you have paid, we will complete the annual return and email you the Proof of Filing. A print out of this emailed copy is sufficient for your Minute Book, but if you would like us to mail you the original, please add $5.
  3. Fax us the Annual Return form to 403 272-7037 and your ID. We will contact you by phone to take payment by credit card and we can send your Proof of Filing by mail, email or Fax.

The cost for an Annual Return is $71 (includes GST) if there are no changes and $88.85 (includes GST) with changes.

If you miss two or more Annual Returns, your corporation may be struck. We can help with that too – see Reviving a Struck Corporation.

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