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Knowledge Test

education concept - student with computer studying at schoolIf you are ready to start driving, your first step will be to attempt the Class 7 Knowledge Test. This test covers all of the “rules of the road” that you should know in order to start practicing your driving.

Prepare for the Test

The test covers a variety of topics, including how to read signs, right of way, speed limits, effective merging, what to do in emergency situations, etc. All of the topics included in the test are covered in the Driver’s Guide.

There are also some practice tests available online:

Practice Test One

Practice Test Two

No need to make an appointment – just come in at least one hour before closing and take a number. Please make sure you bring the required documents.

About the Test

All Knowledge Testing is done on the computer. The cost is $17.60. An English audio version and written translation in French, Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese (Traditional) are available at no extra cost . If you have a learning disability, please talk to us about arranging for a staff member to assist you with reading the test questions.

You have to get 25 questions correct in order to pass and the test will stop if you answer six questions incorrectly. Therefore, the number of questions you will see depends on how many you get wrong. The questions are randomly generated from a very large bank of questions and we have no control over which questions you will see.

We are required to suspend testing for 30 days for any testee who cheats. Talking to others, using a cell phone, taking notes or taking photos of the test all constitute cheating.

Test Re-Takes

Didn’t pass the first time? No worries – it’s a challenging test and most people take it more than once before they pass. You can take a maximum of one test per day. Go back to the Driver’s Guide and Practice Tests, then come back tomorrow. We also sell Prep Kits and Flash Cards which are very effective for preparing for the Knowledge Test. Ask your clerk.